Good Enough

I like to make quilts. 

The first patchwork quilt I made the summer after my first year of college.  Its now-vintage fabrics take me back: my big sister teaching me how to sew, my clothes-loving mom collecting fabrics, and the skirts, dresses, etc. that I sewed back then.  

Ever since I received a beautiful blue three-patch baby quilt 43 years ago, I have used that simple pattern to make gifts for lots of babies, including my own grandkiddoes.

I learned some tricks of quilting from an American friend in Bolivia, where I tried some challenging patterns for each daughter as a high school graduation gift.

During language school in Ethiopia, making an African patterned quilt helped me so much. I actually found most of the unique fabrics in a NC quilt shop, and a friend in Addis gave me some Nigerian cloth to mix in. I am quite proud of that beautiful quilt and the reminders of God’s presence during that hard season.

The year Jake built our house – it was 2006 – I secretly patched him a quilt, using a pattern called ‘A Million Mountains.’ That is another story-telling quilt, reminding me of God’s amazing provisions that year.

After my mom died, I gathered some of her pink and blue blouses and made a lap quilt to give to my dad. It is a really special one, so like her.

I am actually working on a quilt now, out of t-shirts, which is why I am thinking about this. 

I am no quilt expert. My seams are not perfectly lined up and my stitches are big and sloppy.

But my quilts are good enough.

            —         —         —         —         —         —         —         —         —

I loved the funny story I read in a magazine some years ago about a dog, a rescued mutt the family loved but he had many bad habits. They sent him to obedience school twice, and both times he flunked out. But they loved the dog anyway, and one day they decided to celebrate him and give him a party, along with a homemade GED certificate. 

GED: Good Enough Dog.

(In case you don’t know, GED is the acronym for the Tests of General Educational Development. Here in the USA if you don’t finish high school, you can take the GED test for an equivalent diploma.)

Recently I heard a man in a radio interview talking about parenting, saying “We are aiming for good enough. Being good enough parents.”

That made me happy, thinking I can do that. Just like I can make good enough quilts, I can be a good enough mom, a good enough wife, a good enough friend.

But something inside me says “good enough is never good enough.” 

Even today I hurt someone badly: evidence, proof that I am not good. I need forgiveness! I need God!

I will never be good enough, nor will I ever be able to do enough good, to deserve God’s love and grace.

But that’s okay. Because I trust in Jesus. His goodness is given freely to those of us who believe. Not because we are good enough.

I want my good-enough quilts to remind me of that.

12 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. Did I ever tell you that you are amazing! Your creativity, hard work, perseverance and the joy you have had with each quilt. Each is so special and significant!!! You are good enough, Sarah, remember our Discipleship by Grace and 2 Cor. 5:21? I think of this verse almost daily and it comforts me tremendously. Oh to see us covered with the righteousness of Christ as God does! His record for mine! He is also amazing! Amazing grace daily!!! Te amo!


  2. Thanks Sarah ! As always these posts are wonderful reminders of who we are, and how amazing God’s grace is!


  3. Wow!
    Somehow I overlooked this post!
    I’m sitting outside enjoying a calm morning rain, and scrolling through my emails.. found this!
    What a wonderful phrase… good enough!
    And the ONLY good in us is Jesus!
    Your quilts are amazing! Love the colors.. patterns.. and the heart felt stories behind them!
    Keep writing!!


  4. My Sarah you have been “a good enough” friend to me for years. Actually you’ve been a “beyond good enough” friend to me. I love you’re deep from the heart stories. You really stir up my heart. Your “not so good enough” quilts are absolutely beautiful. I remember over the years watching you make your quilts. I love quilts so much and unfortunately that’s a gift I’ve never acquired. Through the years my children would go to their dad for any sowing needs:). I too am thankful that because of Christ I am good enough. 🙏🏽


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