Give Up About It

I learn so much from kids. I love and need to be around them.

I’d asked Little Pookie how she liked Ethiopia (they were visiting) and she answered with a sad voice, “It’s good but things don’t always turn out right and I just have to give up about it.”

Yep. She is quickly learning to adapt to the reality of the world.

I am sitting on the couch with heavy-duty earphones on.  Just outside the window in the curve of our driveway a beautiful oak tree is being cut down.

The sounds and sights of it are making me grumpy.

Doesn’t seem right, and I just have to give up about it.

I got a text with some sad news.  My very dear and joyful neighbor is in the hospital and from there will be moving to assisted living near her daughter in Tennessee.

The thoughts that there are no more visits or stories or puzzles or games with her is grieving me.

It’s not right, but I just have to give up about it.

I had a wonderful week with my sister in New Hampshire, followed by another wonderful week hosting Bolivian friends and others, the first groups of friends in our home in two years!  Oh, how I loved it!

But then came the goodbyes and regrets and exhaustion. 

Plus guilt and shame.  Sarah, you should be praising God for all His blessings!

I am not right and I am trying to give up about that, too.

When Little Pookie said those words, she was referring to an injustice she felt regarding a lollypop and her little brother.  

I am so like her.  When life is unfair, when I don’t get what I want, when I don’t get my way, especially if my way is right and good, I become grumpy and depressed. 

The story l taught in Sunday School is an old familiar one but God had a new word for me.  

Or I should say He reminded me what I am forgetting again.

Zacchaeus, that wee little man, was a tax collector who stole from his neighbors. He had no friends. None. 

When Jesus came to his city, large crowds gathered around Him. Curious and determined Zacchaeus climbed up a tree to get a view of the famous Teacher.

Then Jesus walked near and He looked up. He saw Zacchaeus, and I imagine He smiled at him, a grown man sitting in a tree. 

And He called his name.

Was Zacchaeus shocked that Jesus knew his name?  Probably so.

And was he shocked again when Jesus told him to get down, go home and fix lunch for Him?  I’m sure he was. 

Shocked—and highly honored.  And during lunch, Zacchaeus must have felt special. Loved. Accepted. Forgiven.

He was changed by Jesus’ smile of grace and mercy.

That’s what God wants me to remember. 

Jesus is smiling at me right now. 

With His help I shall resign myself about this world’s injustices and griefs; I shall let go of my guilt and shame; I will submit to His grace and mercy. 

And so, I shall say of my life: Thanks be to God, it is good. Things don’t always turn out right but I am learning to give up about it.

7 thoughts on “Give Up About It

  1. Love it!

    On Fri, Feb 25, 2022, 10:38 AM Sarah Keeps Growing Down wrote:

    > sarahkeepsgrowingdown posted: ” I learn so much from kids. I love and need > to be around them. I’d asked Little Pookie how she liked Ethiopia (they > were visiting) and she answered with a sad voice, “It’s good but things > don’t always turn out right and I just have to give up about it.” >


  2. Hey Sis, loved the Shalom story — yes, it takes alot of strength and humility to just “give it up” sometimes when we don’t get what we want. And then God can surprise us with his presence and better things – as he did Zaccheus.


  3. Really important lesson, Sarah! O, if only we could get into the habit of “giving up about it”. All of the injustices, complaints, unhappiness about not having it our way, the way of reality and the sorrow we feel when it just doesn’t go right. Our selfishness, our warped perspective on life. On ourselves! But then we might overlook the precious lessons, though some are very hard to bear, that God wants to teach us on our journeys to His heart. I am reading a book entitled “Gentle and Lowly”. One thing that really stands out to me in Matt 11:29 is that Jesus promises rest for our souls, not our bodies! We are meant to work and labor physically, even emotionally, but only when we see and trust in His gentle and lowly heart can we truly have rest for our souls.This book just popped up on my kindle and I am so glad it did! It really speaks to my soul by showing me the heart of my savior more fully and clearly and O Via , how I have needed that!!! Let’s try to get together soon or just talk on the phone. You are so accessible to me; your honesty is so refreshing, and I do love you. With gratitude for your encouraging friendship, Dianne  


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