Seriously Generous, Seriously Grateful

They say you learn something new every day. 

Yep. Especially if you are a Curious Googler like me.

So I just learned about National Daughters Day. It is on the 4th Sunday of September. Two days ago. 

I’m too late to celebrate. 

But wait. No, I’m not. 

Acc. to Google, World Daughters Day is today (who knew?) and since my girls live out there in the world, it’s perfect. 

This post is for you, dear daughters. (The rest of you can eavesdrop.)

Surprise, J, M, G and C!

Happy World Daughters Day to you!  

What a great thing to celebrate: DAUGHTERS!

I am a MOST fortunate woman, to have FOUR daughters, especially women like you.

In my mind I was going through a variety of photos, wondering which one I could (but won’t) post on FB like my friends were doing. (That’s how I found out about this auspicious day.)

Remember the one of you four on the old Montreat porch swing? Big sister is grasping baby sister and the middle sisters are hanging on. 

You four were so precious!

I love the picture of you four in your animal-flannel pjs, sitting in the front doorway of our Cochabamba duplex. I remember when I saw that flannel cloth in the open market – four different soft pastel colors –  I just had to buy it and make those jammies.

You were so sweet!

The photo of you four in the hammock at the cabin at Lake Angostura makes us all smile, because we know what happened right after the camera’s click. The hammock rope broke and you four fell in a heap on the ground, laughing and laughing.

You were so fun!

I thought of many other photos but I will mention just one more. It was J’s high school graduation. You four were all dressed up so nice, but in the picture only three smiling faces show. The shortest one of you put a big balloon in front of her face.

You were so beautiful!

Even BalloonHead..  :o)

*            *            *             *             *            *

I’ve been meditating on 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 (NLT) where some form of the word ‘generous’ is repeated 8 times: 

Planting generously gets a generous crop. 

God generously provides. 

Give generously to the poor. 

He will produce a great harvest of generosity in you. 

You will be enriched so you can give even more generously. 

You will glorify God through your generous gifts. 

Your generosity to them proves your obedience to the Good News of Christ. 

I don’t think I will ever get over the generosity of God towards me, to give me four daughters like you. 

                *           *             *              *             * *

There is one more photo I want to mention. It’s the picture of us five on Roan Mtn, taken just a few months ago.

We were there celebrating my 70th birthday – 10 months early. It was so special being with you, those two nights in a cabin, the wonderful walks and chats and laughter.

The photo shows four precious, sweet, fun, beautiful young women, and one happy, wet-and-wind-blown older lady, their proud momma, Me.  

We are gathered around the Jane Bald trail sign. 

Thick fog is behind us, and the sign post rises just above our heads, looking like a small cross.

My hand is resting on the cross. 

I don’t think I will ever get over the great generosity of God towards us, to give us Jesus, to make us His daughters through His sacrificial death on the cross, and to give us each other, to walk this foggy, wet and windy life together.

God is seriously generous.

And I am seriously grateful.  

I love you so much,


*          *          *          *          *          *

Daughters Day.  

I wonder what I will learn tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Seriously Generous, Seriously Grateful

  1. Have been thinking of all of you being together this summer! Thank you for the great reflections and for this really neat picture of you taken recently! We have 3 wonderful daughters! And we are so thankful for each one! Now all young adults, and we are learning from each often. Sending all my love to you and your wonderful four and Jake!


  2. Absolutely wonderful!
    I read it this week but forgot to respond. You are rich to have 4 daughters!
    They are blessed to have you!
    So am I.. my sister in Christ


  3. OHHHH Sarah, this was wonderful. I love all those picture memories – have seen most of them. and then to end with the mountain picture/memory together – so great. Your daughters are all so accomplished and beautiful, and I love being their Aunt. And yes, how can we ever thank God enough for all his goodness to us?!


  4. Aw…grateful to see that beautiful post and photo, and that I know all five of those women, and can also say with Jake “Wow, great, amen!”


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