My Opinion Piece

Recently I’ve been troubled. 

The news from Afghanistan and Lebanon. More local deaths-by-covid.  And remembering  9/11 twenty years after. 

Little things have troubled me, too. Disagreeing with friends about masks and meetings. (We thought we’d be done with this by now!) Having zero inspiration to write. And watching my sweet GrandBoy break my friend’s antique glass globe.

Life is troubling.

+          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +

Last week in a podcast there was an invitation to subscribe to a daily opinion piece about the ideas and events in our world.

Each morning in my inbox I could read some smart, self-confident, and probably good-looking person’s words explaining his or her “ideas, beliefs, viewpoint, feelings, judgments, perspective, theories, convictions and conclusions.”  (That is half of the dictionary’s list of synonyms for the word ‘opinion.’)

I don’t think I will subscribe. 

My head is already muddled up with myriads of dissenting opinions within and without.

+          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +

So, I had taken my two grandkiddoes over to visit a dear older friend. She loves children and we love visiting her. I saw her beautiful blue globe ‘planted’ in the flower bed and I knew I needed to keep GrandBoy away from it.  

After we’d been there a while, my guard was down, and even though I was right behind him when he picked it up, I reached out too late. 

To him it was a ball and balls are to throw and the sound of shattering glass was loud.

GrandBoy didn’t cry, but I almost did. 

No matter that my friend’s reaction was truly gracious and forgiving, I was appalled.

The next day, after a hike, Jake and I wandered around an old-timey country store.  On a shelf sat a lovely blue glass globe, and at the sight of it, my shame boiled up, kinda like acid reflux of the soul, and I had to buy it.

I wrapped it up, wrote a letter, and left it at my friend’s doorstep the next morning.  

I knew it could not replace her treasured antique but I thought it would help me.

I was wrong; I still felt bad.

Until. . .

Until . . .  I got an email from her where she reiterated that I was not to think of it again and that I must be sure and bring the children back soon.   

Until . . . I believed her opinion and accepted her offer of mercy.

+          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +

For the last two months I have been pondering God’s mercy, His compassion and forgiveness shown towards those who do not deserve it, which is all of us.

The Bible says that God is rich in mercy, great is His mercy.

He delights to show mercy and He asks us to love mercy, and He blesses the merciful.

His mercies are new every morning. 

+          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +

I love God.  

His ideas, viewpoint, feelings, judgments, perspective, theories, convictions and conclusions toward us – i.e. His opinion – are full of mercy.

I believe He will be generous in mercy in Afghanistan and Lebanon and with everyone who seeks Him because He is rich in mercy and He delights to give it out.

He will bless my friend because she is merciful, and He can make me merciful, like her. 

Like Jesus.

+          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +          +

I have an idea.  

Since God’s mercy is new every morning, I shall subscribe to that! 

It’s good medicine for a troubled heart.

That’s my opinion. :o)

6 thoughts on “My Opinion Piece

  1. Great word Sarah! Thanks for sharing your thots and feelings. Know I and many of us feel blessed by your honesty.

    On Tue, Sep 14, 2021, 7:40 AM Sarah Keeps Growing Down wrote:

    > sarahkeepsgrowingdown posted: ” Recently I’ve been troubled. The news > from Afghanistan and Lebanon. More local deaths-by-covid. And > remembering 9/11 twenty years after. Little things have troubled me, too. > Disagreeing with friends about masks and” >


  2. So wonderful Sarah!
    His mercies are NEW.. praise Him for godly friends who react as Jesus would react to our fallen ness….
    Bless you


  3. I’m signing up for that “subscription” as well. Always enlightening. Always encouraging. Always true. Always! “The Mercy (Good) News,” that I sometimes forget to read.


  4. My sweet sister your words once again have blessed my soul💖. You couldn’t have said it better. Lord have mercy on all of us on these trying days. 🙏🏽


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