Balcony People

Today is Saturday. I woke up in a funk, thinking I had too much to do and no gumption to do it. 

It wasn’t true, but thoughts have a way of driving moods and I was definitely letting my thoughts drive me down the wrong road. 

Yesterday Jake and I came home from a wonderful week in Florida.

Yesterday, hehehe. It was so funny.

Our Thursday night flight was delayed, then cancelled at midnight and rescheduled for 7 a.m. Friday.

We were grateful to find an airport taxi and hotel where we could rest a few hours.  

But at 5 a.m. the next day, yesterday, the return taxi did not show up and did not answer the phone. 

So, my lovely man Jake said, “What if we walk?”  

Well, we couldn’t miss that flight, so we set out for the terminal, in the dark, down a sidewalk beside a major road, pulling three suitcases, with a backpack and my large shoulder bag. 

We crossed a six-lane intersection, turned two corners and walked up the airport exit road. No sidewalk but also no traffic. 

I was smiling all the way, thinking, I’ve never walked to an airport before!

Before you think I’m amazing, let me tell you: it only took about 22 minutes. We got there fine.

Then on the plane, just after sunrise, we looked down on a beautiful rainbow.

What an ending to a wonderful week: Seven full days at my parents’ condo on the Gulf of Mexico. Amazing views of the wide blue skies and the rolling waters along the white sandy beach. Palm trees and, oh, so many birds! Dolphin-watching and studying wildflowers. Swimming and reading and basking in beautiful pink-to-red-to-orange-to-purple-to-indigo sunsets. 

So many calls to worship God, The Magnificent Maker of It All.

See why I am ashamed of myself for being in a funk this morning? 

    *                     *                   *                      *

Last week I found a little book at the condo called “Balcony People.” 

The author Joyce Landorf explained that there are two types of people in the world:  the evaluators and the affirmers. 

And they live in our heads. 

The evaluators are the Basement People whose voices pull us down. Basement People need to be ignored. 

The affirmers are the Balcony People. Their cheers and applause cause our eyes to look up and our hearts to find new strength. They make us feel we can be more than we are and do more than we think. 

While in Florida Jake and I visited dear friends at a retirement village. It is not easy to live long and deal with disease and decline, but oh, these folks are Balcony People extraordinare, flourishing like those Florida palm trees, staying vital and green, close to the Lord and producing the fruit of praise, declaring to us, “The Lord is just!  He is my rock! There is nothing but goodness in Him!”  (Ps. 92:12-15 NLT)

In my mind I try to imagine a balcony above me, to see who is there. It is not a crowd, but significant people, both dead and alive, are encouraging me to keep on keeping on.

I want to remember all this: the gift of a week at the beach, the special visit with our friends, the funny walk to the airport, the unusual rainbow, and the book “Balcony People.”

I want to repent of my morning funk, my irritable, ungrateful spirit and harshness towards others. 

And I want Jesus to change me, to make me a consistent and authentic balcony person, representing Him, affirming and cheering others to keep on keeping on.

I trust He will do it.

4 thoughts on “Balcony People

  1. Bob and I read this today!
    I want to be a balcony person!
    God help us to be His encouragers!


  2. Loved it, and appreciate the way you invite people in to learn new ways from you about coping with life. And life’ joys and struggles . (I can’t even imagine that walk to the Airport!!! But it had to be God’s getting you there Safely.) I remember Books by Joyce Landorf from long ago, so must have been one of your Mom’s books! Though I don’t remember that one, it’s a wonderful classification, Balcony people…. Thanks and welcome back! Love, Mollie

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