Five Sentences and the ‘disease to please’

Here’s an assignment I was given, one that inspired me to great thanksgiving, so I pass it on to you:  Write your life story in five sentences.  

You can do it.  

To spur you on, here are my five:

  1. I grew up in Texas in a large, mostly-happy family with a Canadian mom and an Irish dad.
  2. I loved church, music, camps, art, reading biographies, Pioneer Girls, and people…all of which inspired life dreams.
  3. God fulfilled many of my dreams: to serve Him, to get married, have children, do camps for kids, do international mission work, and write a book.
  4. The hardest thing I went through (an emotional, spiritual breakdown) was the best thing God did for me: He taught me about grace, Jesus’ fondness for me (and everyone in the whole world) and how repentance leads to joy over and over. 
  5. I can never thank God enough for giving me this abundant life: Jesus’ faithful Presence, my supportive family, many dear friends, and opportunities to tell others about God’s amazing grace.

I hope you will take some quiet time to think and do this assignment. You can send me your five sentences if you want, ( I’d love to read them and maybe you will win a prize. Maybe. ) but be sure to send your sentences to your family.  

May God be pleased with the words of our testimony to His great goodness in our lives. 

+     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +

Speaking of pleasing God, that is what I want to do, but I have a serious malady that gets in the way.

It’s called the ‘disease to please.’ 

I want everyone everywhere in the world to like me.  

I know it’s crazy and I know it breeds false guilt and exhaustion and conflict.  

Like yesterday.  The simple task of making plans for a family event and I was caught between what he thinks and what she says and what they might feel and I feel sick because he’s upset and she’s probably angry … it’s that disease flaring up.

Someday I shall be totally healed. But until then, I shall fight it.

Every time I see it, I will confess it to my Lord, and use the inspired words of Isaiah 30, verse 22 (NLT):  “Ugh! Be gone!”

+     +     +     +     +     +     +     +

This weekend we in the USA are celebrating Memorial Day, remembering military personnel who have died. 

I am thinking about a handsome 19 y.o. young man who died in Vietnam six weeks after he arrived there in 1967.  

I never met John, Jake’s brother, but someday I will. 

Maybe I will ask him to tell me about his earthly life story in five sentences.  

But I probably won’t.  We’ll be too happily occupied living the heavenly life.

Today his life story is reminding me that life is short and there is only one thing that truly matters:  knowing Jesus and living to please Him.

Now, don’t forget: work on your five sentences.  

You will be glad you did.        

2 thoughts on “Five Sentences and the ‘disease to please’

  1. Wonderful idea Sarah!
    We should do that for our Golden Girls zoom meeting!
    Disease to please…oh.. can I relate!
    Co-dependence for sure…
    Loved..” Ugh,… be gone!”


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