Now’s the time to say goodbye . . .

Back in the 50s, when I was a girl, watching Saturday morning cartoons was the thing. And many of the short, silly sketches ended with Porky Pig stuttering, th-th-th, that’s all, folks! I can still hear him in my head.

Three years ago I started writing this blog because I wanted to share my simple stories of God’s determination to bless me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have felt God’s hand of favor on me, and His Spirit’s inspiration repeatedly, and I trust He has helped others through my thoughts and my writing.

But I think it’s enough.

Like we used to sing with Mickey Mouse, Now’s the time to say goodbye …..

So, that’s all, folks!

Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Now’s the time to say goodbye . . .

  1. Mrs. Sarah,

    I love reading your blogs! I love your humility and joy in sharing God’s blessings and lessons in your life.


  2. Hi Sarah

    It has been wonderful to read your blogs. You have a natural flair for writing so I hope you continue to write in other formats.

    Hope you, Jake and the family have a blessed Christmas Alastair


  3. Your have such insight into seeing God’s obvious journey with you in life and private lessons from Him and you skillfully expressed the discoveries that they became lessons and insights for us. May you not stop seeing, learning, sharing, and growing as we grew with you these 3 years. These need to be preserved/published for they are timeless!!!! Thanks for enriching us with these wonderful nuggets of eternal gold!!


    1. Thank you for these words of encouragement. I will keep on seeing and learning and growing . . . God will do that, I am sure. I have printed off each year’s post into books for my daughters and grands. I trust God will use my stories in their future lives.


  4. Aww – I, hate that you are letting your blog go 😢😢😢
    I have loved reading your simple Truth’s & Life Lessons….


  5. Sarah, you have personally blessed me on numerous occasions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, failures, insights, wisdom, life with me (and many others).

    You and your parents have touched my life in remarkable ways, pointing us to God.

    For His glory, randy and beth


  6. I’m sad
    Your stories teach such deep truths.
    Please send some every once In a while.. as God leads.
    Blessed Christmas to my dear friend…


  7. Well that’s sad news for us! I’ve enjoyed your insights so much!! We’ve all missed you during this sickness – I’d love to take a walk with you sometime – socially distanced of course – and hear what you’re thinking. You have been a huge gift in my life! (Tricia)


  8. oh, no. I love reading what you write and it is one of the very few I keep in my inbox to re-read. But you know when you should move on, so I thank you for blessing me with this blog for as long as you did. You are a good! writer. I love you


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