The Changing Sky


Jake and I made a plan to go camping on a Saturday night.

Daughter #4 asked if we could stay two nights so they could join us for the second one.

We thought about it, and said sure. We could change our plans and stay Sunday night, too.

Saturday we woke up feeling pushed, so we changed our minds. We would camp out only one night, with Daughter #4’s little family.

So …. early Sunday we drove to the campground. Got a good spot. Set up the tent. Unpacked the van. Pulled out the pads and sleeping bags and laid down for a rest while waiting for Daughter #4’s arrival.

Then …. two motorcycle guys varoomed up and chose the site on our near left.

We could hear every word of their dull, non-stop conversation.

And then ….  a gaggle of gray-haired ladies returned to their camp spot at the site to our right.

We could hear almost every word of their interesting, non-stop conversation.

Surround-sound. Unpleasant.

We had to move.

So …. we loaded all the gear and food back into the van, took down the tent, drove around and around, found another spot and set it all up again.

Then we got a text from Daughter #4.

“I am tired.  Could you stay Monday night and we will come up tomorrow?”

We thought about it and said sure.  We could stay Monday night.

The two of us slept well that night in our quiet tent.

Noon-ish on Monday, D#4, Son-in-law, and 2 y.o. Pookie arrived.

They unloaded, filling the tent and surrounds with all their stuff.

Little Pookie loved the tent. She wanted everyone to be in the tent with her. She didn’t want to leave the tent. And it was hot in that tent.

Of course, there was no nap, and by 5:00 we adults were worn out and worried about spending the night out there.

So, one last time, we changed our plans.

We packed up and went home.



Change can be petty, like this camping story.  It is fine, when we control it.

Sometimes change is welcome, but more often change is hard to accept.

I don’t like it that the Christian bookstores closed, it is unsettling when the weather does weird things, and I feel troubled in our culture when words are being redefined and values being replaced.

Change can be seriously distressing.


Remember Corrie ten Boom?  She lived in Holland when the Jews were hated and

Corrie Ten Boom. 1892-1983

hunted. Her family defied the German soldiers, hiding their Jewish neighbors, but someone betrayed them, and they were taken to a concentration camp where her parents and sister died.


Her life was grievously changed.

Corrie could have been broken in spirit, but the rest of her adult life, she ‘tramped’ (her word) from place to place — with joy — telling anyone and everyone the good news about God’s love, forgiveness and faithfulness.


In the back of my Bible I have this poem she wrote:

Cowardly, wayward and weak,

I change with the changing sky.

Today so happy and strong.

Tomorrow not caring to try.

But He never gives in

And we two shall win –

Jesus and I.


With all the challenging changes in life, and my fickleness between fear and faith, I find comfort knowing that God does not “change with the changing sky.”

He is always The Same. Always Love. Always Forgiving.  Always Faithful.

God never changes His mind, like we did so many times on that campout, and nothing can change His plans.

“He never gives in and we two shall win – Jesus and I.”

(P.S. For my younger readers:  I highly recommend the book and movie “The Hiding Place” – Corrie ten Boom’s story. )








3 thoughts on “The Changing Sky

  1. Beautiful story!
    I love that Poem!
    I had forgotten about it. I’m going to put it in the back of my Bible!
    Loved the camping illustration! I could picture it perfectly in my mind!
    Bless you
    Bless God for His steadfast love!


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