S L O W Down

Have you heard this saying: “Hurry is not of the devil. Hurry is the devil.” ?

I get it.  I am kinda like a devil when I am in a hurry.

I get angry at my husband, thinking he should be helping me.

I push and resent others if they block/interrupt me when I am rushing.

I lose things — glasses, a water bottle, my favorite sweater – when I hurry.

And hurry can hurt like the devil, too.

The day I needed to drive myself to Charlotte for the trip to Ethiopia for Daughter #4’s wedding, I misjudged the time and had to scramble around.

Carrying two full trash bags out to the back bin, I slipped off our mossy-wet footbridge and fell into our little creek.

I bonged my head on a rock, sprained my arm and had to postpone my trip by one day, to fit in an emergency visit to the doctor.

It all turned out okay. I made it to my flight, wearing an arm brace, depending on strangers to help me, and wishing I hadn’t hurried so.


I remember years ago when my mom came home from a trip to Hawaii, with her loud blue flow-y, flowered muumuu (dress) and her new word wikiwiki.

She loved telling us kids to wikiwiki!  Quick, quick!  Hurry up!

(BTW, that is where Wikipediia got its name.)

I wonder why we humans are prone to hurry.

It has something to do with thinking “too highly of ourselves.” (Paul’s words in Phil. 2) and not trusting God.

We leave Him out, thinking we can do more than we actually can, if we just wikiwiki.


A lot is spinning around me these days but Thursday morning I found myself thinking, if I hurry my chores this morning, then I could ________ / do the extra important thing I really wanted to do.

Fortunately for me I first sat down to talk with God and He reminded me:

  1. Hurry is not My way. (Did Jesus ever rush? Don’t think so. Even when his dear friend Lazarus was sick, he did not hurry to him.)
  2. A friend’s story: one day of weariness and worry, she knew she could do nothing to reduce her many duties, but she determined to do the work moving slowly, talking to God, trusting Him and He reduced the stress.

I wanted to do that, too.

So I prayed slowly, moved slowly, ate slowly, talked slowly, drove slowly, sang slowly throughout the day.

What an extraordinary day was for me, above and beyond my hope.

I wish I had space to tell you more details, but it suffices to write the lesson of it, so I won’t forget:   Trust God and s l o w down.


Out by our driveway is a short neon-yellow man holding out an orange flag.

He is our personal traffic guard, standing there to remind the drivers coming down our curvy road to slow down.

I named him Oscar and the grandgirls love him.

This morning I got the crazy idea that Oscar is singing with Simon and Garfunkel:

Slow down, you move too fast.

Gotta make the morning last.

Just kickin’ down the cobblestones,

Looking for fun and feeling groovy.

 So I am feeling groovy, praising God for reminding me to trust Him and s l o w down.














5 thoughts on “S L O W Down

  1. Another masterpiece, Sarah. I told one of my voice students yesterday that we have to work hard to make life simple!!!
    I’m trying to slow down as well.
    You are a blessing!


  2. Dear Mrs. Sarah,

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful reminder!!! Reading your blog is always so refreshing to my soul!
    I miss you!



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