When we first went to Bolivia, the hardest thing about moving there, the greatest sacrifice I felt, was the separation from loved ones.

I grieved leaving friends and family, and it was compounded seeing the sadness it caused Daughter #1, who was then 5 years old. She had a very best friend and she did not want to leave him.

Our family prayed for a special new friend for her.

We’d been in our Bolivian home for one week when a little girl named Monica came over to play. She was Daughter #1’s size (though a few years older), and her soft, sweet nature was compatible with our daughter’s friendly personality.

Jake and I wanted our girls to have neighborhood friends so they could learn Spanish. Monica lived right next door so she often came knocking at our gate to play. The girls enjoyed her company.

But she was shy and quiet so I wondered if our idea would flip.  Perhaps she would learn English :o)  . . .   Well, no matter, they became good friends.

Months later, we were talking about Monica, and recalling how God had answered our prayer for a new best friend. Then Daughter #1 told me something I’d not known:  “And Mommy, I prayed that she would live right next door!”

Our girls playing wedding with Monica, the ‘groom.’

Sometimes God answers our prayers like that.

Other times — we all know — He doesn’t.

Still, I pray.

I talk to God, the Good Father.

A lot.

And to Jesus, my Lord and Friend.

And I pray to His Spirit, who lives in me, my Teacher and Comforter and Guide.

I don’t get the Three-ness of the biblical God.

It is a true mystery.

But still, I believe and I pray.


I’ve heard it said that all our prayers could be summed up into two:  “Help me.” And “Thank you!”

But today I am feeling sorrow for something I did and I am begging God to reverse it.

“I am so sorry.” is a very important prayer.


Before I was born, my mother heard the good news of God’s love for her.

Because her own father had been cold and sometimes mean, she was drawn to that Other Love, shown through Jesus. When she believed in that Love, His Spirit came into her and she was changed.

A Sunday School teacher from the church visited her weekly, gave her a Bible, and taught her the importance of prayer. My mom was used to liturgy and written prayers but she didn’t know she could simply talk to God.

Simply say “help me,”  “thank You,” or “I’m sorry.”

The lady asked my mom what she would like to ask God for, and my mom said a baby. So they knelt together by the couch and prayed.

A year later I was born.

Sometimes God answers our prayers like that.

The “Give me” prayers.


“Help me.”   “Thank you.”   “I’m sorry.”   “Give me.”

Four simple prayers.

I bet there are more.

And God hears them all.











4 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Powerful words Sarah. I’m so glad your mother breathed that prayer.. and you were born!
    Grateful for your honesty and love for Jesus!!
    Bless you!


  2. Bolivia… Ask Sarah about the prayer that Laura and Beki prayed before the move to Fayetteville. Great story. I enjoy reading what you are writing. Will see Sarah and Andy Monday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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