The Jar

Straightening and decluttering . . .  I like doing that around my house.

My bedroom closet needs straightening and decluttering right now. Clothes and stuff seem to reproduce in there. It’s time for me to take charge and move some of that stuff to the resale shop.

Closets have limits, you know.

This past week was happy-busy with special guests, long conversations, significant meetings and meals, plus lots of time laughing with the local granddaughter. And preparing for an international trip to three other granddaughters. I am tired. Last night I slept for twelve hours.

Bodies have limits, you know.


Have you heard of “The Jar” exercise? You might like to do it. Draw the shape of a quart mason jar.  Draw one large circle, like a rock, inside the jar.  Then draw three medium circles/rocks, and lastly draw three or four or more small rocks.

Under the jar make a list of all the important things in your life, things like family, friends, work, church, hobbies, exercise, health, etc.

Now label the large rock, with the most important thing. Then choose the next three priorities and write them on the three medium rocks. Then mark the smaller rocks with the lesser priorities.

Drawing the jar and placing the rocks in it helps me to look at my life, helps me to acknowledge and accept my limits.

Life has limits, you know.


Is there anything in my ‘jar’ that needs straightening and decluttering?

I am wondering that, because as I age, the jar is shrinking. I told Jake this morning, as I thanked him for doing the weekly grocery store run, that it takes both of us now, to do what one of us used to do in a day.

Yes, I am slowing down, growing older.

I want to be like Phillip Yancey’s grandmother. He wrote, “Often we view old age with a spirit of fear and denial.  I’m grateful for the chance to have watched my grandmother grow old, for I saw glimpses of God in her those last few years.  She had time, all the time a person could want, and she filled it by praying and reading spiritual books.  She was free, truly free, of worry about possessions and beauty and competition.  Ready to leave life, she died without fear.  (

I expect to live for many more years, and I want to live like that: ‘free, truly free.’

And if the day comes that I become blind or mentally unable to remember any of the rocks in my jar, I hope God will let others see glimpses of Jesus in me.

For now I’m going to get up off this couch, get outside for a good brisk walk, and then get to work straightening and decluttering my closet.

Outwardly I am wasting away (we all are) but inwardly, God is straightening and decluttering . . . renewing and freeing me.

And His Spirit has no limits, you know.










13 thoughts on “The Jar

  1. What a wonderful reminder about our limits, and God’s limitlessness!
    Also, the jar reminded me of our special time together doing the jar exercise:)
    Miss you, Mrs. Sarah

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  2. What a wonderful reminder of our limits and God’s limitlessness!
    Also, the jar reminded me of our special times together doing this exercise!
    Love you, Mrs. Sarah!

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  3. Made me think of 2 Cor 4:7…just made a piece of pottery with a jar and a gift inside based on this verse. Looking forward to being with you! Love you!

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  4. TY Jesus for using Sarah to reminder me bout such closets, bodies & life having limits … gosh how I labor under those limitations … but how YOU want me to truly find REST/FREEDOM/JOY in Your LIMITLESSNESS … Such a GOOD GOOD REMINDER … TY

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  5. Great story Sarah!
    There is beauty in simplicity! I’ve often said that we have to work hard to make life simple!
    I envy your 12 hours of sleep! Here’s to “ de-cluttering” our lives… inside and out!!!

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  6. Hi Sarah, Just wondering…I have commented on your blogs multiple times but I’m not sure they’re “taking?” It’s not like I need to see them but just wanting you to know that I do read and comment occasionally. Are you seeing my posts? ~esther (One Mission Society, Thrive Retreat, 🙂

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