2018, The End?

Dear Friends,

Wow. I have just completed one year of blogging.  48 stories from my life.

Shall I continue? I’ve been wondering.

In spite of low readership and bits of weekly anxiety, I have enjoyed this self-imposed assignment very much.

Each week God gave me a fresh idea, and when I sat down to write the story, I didn’t know how the story would unfold or wrap up.

But every time I clicked the publish button, I was smiling-happy, mindful of God’s presence, grateful for His inspiration and help.

Remember what I said in my very first blog? (That’s okay if you don’t ‘cuz I’m gonna tell you.) I wrote about God’s determination to get me to obey Him, just so He can bless me.

That’s exactly what He has done for me with this blog: He has blessed me 48 times.

Okay. I decided.

I will keep writing.

I hope y’all will keep reading.

And I hope we all will keep on following Jesus and believing in God’s determined love.

More blessings are coming.

I’m sure of it.

Love, Sarah



14 thoughts on “2018, The End?

  1. Hi Sarah!
    You are a light and a delight, a discovery better than a purple mushroom or God’s beautiful ducks! Thank you for using the priviledge Jesus gave you to brighten the lives of others.



  2. Ready you book and have passed it alone to other whom I though would make a difference in their life t hear (read 🙂 ) some of the good stuff you wrote in. So Keep on Keeping on my friend.

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  3. You set me to pondering.
    You caused me to celebrate. You made me smile. You helped me chuckle. You prompted a “Yes” within me. You receive my applause and a great big hug.


  4. I have found that the value of the spiritual discipline of routinely writing about your journey is reward enough. And if someone else is blessed it’s just icing on the cake.

    As I travel to Greece and stand where Paul once stood, I often wonder if he ever imagined that his little letters would be hanging around almost 2,000 year later, still encouraging and touching the lives of countless millions.

    So keep writing and leave the rest for God to work out about the impact they may have in the days and years ahead.


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