Chocolate Cake

It’s back-to-school days around here.  You can see the school supplies at the stores and the yellow busses stopping traffic around town and photos on FB of kids in their new clothes and backpacks and big smiles.

And if you see a picture of one of our grandgirls, you would see them on the afternoon of the first day eating chocolate cake.

It’s one of our family traditions that kinda started itself.

On the first day of school — I think it was when our two oldest daughters were in grades 3 and 1 — we read a story devotional at the breakfast table.

It was about a little boy and his gramma. Something sad had happened in his life and he didn’t understand why God allowed it.

The gramma took him into the kitchen and gathered up flour, sugar, eggs, soda, oil, vanilla, salt, and cocoa. As she measured each ingredient into her bowl, she asked her grandson if he wanted to taste them.  No way.  Only the sugar.  But when it was all mixed together, and after it sat in the heat of the oven and became a delicious chocolate cake, of course, then he wanted to eat it.

The gramma told him about the Bible promise in Romans 8:28, which says, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love him.”  She wanted him to love God and believe that no matter what happens, He would use it for good.

So after my girls were off to school that day, I got the idea to surprise them and make a chocolate cake for their snack when they got home.  That was fun for me, and they loved it, too.


Fast forward twelve months later.  First day of school again with all the excitement of new clothes, etc, and as Daughter 1 walked out the door, she called back to me, “Mommy, don’t forget our tradition!”

“What tradition is that?”  I asked her.

“The chocolate cake!”

Oh, of course. How could I forget.  :o)

 So for many years – I just counted up 19 — on the first day of school I made chocolate cake.  When they went off to college, I tried to get a chocolate cupcake delivered to them on their first day.  Some years they made their own.  And now they are making chocolate cake for their daughters.

It’s a great tradition, not just the making and eating of delicious cake, but also the remembering.

Remember Romans 8:28 is true.

Remember to love God and trust His promises.

Remember that no matter what happens in your life, He will work it out somehow for good.

I am not forgetting, and I don’t have anyone starting school today, but I’ve got this hankering and I think I will go in the kitchen and make a chocolate cake.

Wish you could come over around 3:30 and have some with me.

10 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake

  1. Loved this Sarah. Such a sweet story to share. Traditions are the best especially when we’re “remembering.” Psalm 77:11 is one of my favorites.

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  2. Hi, Sarah, Is that an open invitation?.😁 !! Loved your story ! And the deeper meaning in the taste of the ingredients…thanks for a good reminder…❤️ Mollie

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