Plan B

I was sitting at the airport gate for my home-going flight, Mexico to North Carolina.

I had looked forward to this Mexico trip for almost a year. And now it was over.

My mind felt clogged with a horde of emotions and images and memories and I was trying to do some inner housekeeping.

It had been a wonderful week. I was one of a team of ladies, hosting a four-day retreat for cross-cultural workers. As the retreat speaker, I was privileged to stand up front and remind them: God is sovereign.  God is good.  God is love.

I was so free with those women, laughing, singing, praying, being together. Watching them relax, get a new haircut, a massage, meet with a counselor, make new friends in their small groups, and encourage one another was so good. And seeing God answer our prayers.

Like during our last session, another conference group had arrived and was meeting in the very next room, divided from us by a folding wall.  We could hear their laughter and applause.  When I stood up to speak, knowing how distracted I can be, I asked God to help me concentrate and be able to ignore the neighbors.

I didn’t hear any further noise.

Thank you, Lord.


So there I was, sitting in the Mexican airport, pondering all these things, when I heard, “Sarah Wetzel, would you please come to the counter at Gate 9?”

I was surprised.

Then I wasn’t.  I know what this is about.

When I’d checked in, the agent taking my suitcase said the flight was overbooked and asked if I would be willing to give up my seat for a $300 travel voucher.  Being one who thinks out loud, I said, “Well, I could, but $300 is not worth it.  I want to get home.”

Now the gate agent asked me, offering me a $500 voucher, good for one year.  “Hmm. I don’t know. I really want to get home. Give me a minute.”

Was this God’s idea? I wondered. Or should I stay with Plan A? I have two more long trips this year and I don’t really want another one. So I decided: Plan A.

I told the agent, no, thank you.

Then she picked up the mike and asked for one person to give up their seat in exchange for a $700 travel voucher.

What? Did she say $700?

 Still I hesitated, waiting to see someone run up to the desk to take the offer.

No one moved.

Okay, Lord, I conceded, walking to the counter. It’s Plan B for me.


 A few hours later I was walking into a breezy hotel, to a room overlooking the Pacific Ocean, all expenses paid by American Airlines. There was a brilliant-orange sky sunset that night.

That next morning, I sat on the balcony, praying and meditating, listening to a message from the waves.

Constant. Continuous. Relentless. Those never-stopping waves were reminding me that God’s sovereignty, goodness and love are constant, continuous, relentless, and never-stopping, as well.

Isn’t that just like God?  I had gone to Mexico to remind others, and he wanted to make sure that I would not forget.

Thank you, Lord, for Plan B. 





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