Two Truths and a Lie

Do you know the game ‘Two Truths and a Lie’? Try this at your next dinner party or along the hiking trail.

Each person, in turn, tells three statements about themselves, two true ones and one bogus. Your friends have to guess which one is the lie.

The object is to try to trick your friends. And then to tell the stories behind your statements.  It’s a fun way to learn random things about each other.

I’ll show you. Here’s my three statements:

  1. I love to travel.
  2. I wanted a big family, lots of kids, and I wanted to homeschool.
  3. I am using what I learned in my major in college back in the ‘70s.

Now, wait. Before you read on, guess which one is my lie.



Did you say #3?  You’d be wrong. That one is true.

I majored in Christian Education and I still appreciate the stimulating-to-me classes on the developmental stages of children, kiddy lit, craft art, creative Bible teaching, etc.

For an hour on Sunday mornings I teach the four-year-old class at church,  most of them are romping puppies. i.e. boys. So I am definitely using what I learned at college. I think my prof would be proud.

#2 it also true. I admire big families and I wanted to have a lot of children. By the time I was expecting baby #4, I knew I had enough but I told God I was willing to adopt, if that was his idea. I dreamed of a baby boy being dropped off at our gate, one that would be dark and handsome like my husband. That sort of thing happened in Bolivia, but it didn’t happen for me.

And it didn’t work out for me to homeschool. All four of our girls were educated at Carachipampa Christian School, and it was way better than being homeschooled.  A thousand times over, I have thanked God for CCS.

So that leaves #1 as my lie. It’s true, I don’t like to travel.

Many people say to me, after they hear that I have daughters living in exotic places, “Well, they are far away, but just think, you get to travel!” I nod, smiling, while thinking, ‘Get’ is not the word I would use.

I don’t like crowded planes, fast food, nor the noisy airports and I am especially allergic to jetlag . . . but I mustn’t grumble. Jets and busses and taxis take me to my family and I love being in their homes, yes, I do.

And it is always good for me to leave the neighborhood and be a part of the big wide world out there.

Actually on the guest bed behind me are piles of stuff to pack for my next trip. Wednesday I’m off to Mexico to volunteer at a global women’s retreat. I am eager to meet the ladies, to speak Spanish, and to eat some real Mexican food. It’s going to be fun.


I think I tricked myself. One, two and three are all true.

I’ll do better next time..

What about you?  I wish I could hear your two truths and a lie.

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