The Determination of God

A few years ago I wrote a book. Sometimes people ask me what I am writing now.  “I write letters.  Keep my journal.  And I write a blog,” I answer.  “Stories I keep in a blog file on my computer.”

“That’s not a blog,” I’ve been told.

Today is my blog-coming-out day.  This is my first real blog.  I want to begin telling the stories of my life on the theme of the determination of God.

I started naming this theme after New Year’s Day, 2000.  We were in the USA that Christmastime (living in Bolivia back then) and it was the year of Y2K.  (Raise your hand if you remember what Y2K stands for.  My hand is down.)  Predictions, calculations, and speculations had spread fear, especially during those months at the end of 1999.

When my husband Jake and I went to bed late that New Year’s Eve, we agreed we would get up to see the first sunrise of the year, even though all our friends had backed out.  A few hours later, I woke wide awake, before the alarm, but I was of two minds.

“C’mon, Sarah. Get up.” 

“I need more sleep.”

“You can sleep later.  But you can’t see the first sunrise later.” 

No one else is going.”

“That doesn’t matter, you need to go.”

“It’s too cold.”

“You can bundle up.”

“I can’t move.”

“Yes, you can. Get up, girl. Now!” 

I got up.  Jake and I pulled jeans and sweaters over our flannel pjs, grabbed our coats, hats, and mitts, drove to the trailhead and headed up the Lookout trail. It was a cold and foggy dawn.  I wondered if we would even see the sun.

We arrived at the mountain top, glad to see we were above the fog, but not glad to see the dawn sky socked in with dark clouds. Then the very next moment . . .  wow, oh, wow . . . the sun burst through a long open slice on the eastern horizon.  An other-worldly brilliance ignited the clouds in gold over the valley and hot yellow and orange filled the narrow patch of sky in the east for about five minutes.

Then the clouds moved, blocking the sun, and the world returned to a winter dawn grayness.

So brief. So magnificent. So unforgettable.

For weeks afterward, I thought about that morning. How I hadn’t wanted to get up. How I was in a bad mood. There was a lot to worry about that year. But God was determined to get me out there, making sure I was on the mountaintop at the exact moment to see the sun’s glory.

Why did He do that for me? What was His point?  I believe it was simply this:  God is determined to bless me.

I don’t deserve a God like that. But that’s what He is like. I see it over and over in my life, and hopefully, you see the same theme in your life. God is determined to bless us, to make His love and goodness known to us, and you know what?

That determination of God makes me determined to trust Him.

12 thoughts on “The Determination of God

  1. Dear sarahkeepsgrowingdown,

    I shared a version of this with your dear daughter Gaby last week and was reminded of it as I read your two posts.

    The other day I was reading in 2 Kings about Hezekiah. The word to him was you shall not fear other gods. May we not submit to, tremble at, or allow the enemy/gods to beguile us. The lies that become our masters, my we turn a deaf ear to. May we pass along a truth filled inheritance to those around us. A determination that causes others to be encouraged. God’s determination prompted Hezekiah’s determination which also begats our determination.
    Hezekiah removed the high places,
    broke pillars,
    cut down Ashram,
    broke the bronze serpent,…
    He trusted the Lord,
    held fast to the Lord,
    did not depart from following Him,
    kept the commandments,….
    AND THE LORD WAS WITH HIM….he prospered.

    When the Assyrians came against him, he went to the house of the Lord and spread our the papers(decree) before the Lord and PRAYED.

    Save us Lord, from: the hand of destruction, hate, unforgiveness, pride, lethargic-ness, doubt, jealousy, selfishness, slander, a loose tongue; envy; strife; self-centeredness; lack of compassion; anger;…
    that all may know that you O Lord, are God alone.
    This is our prayer for ourselves, our family, our neighbors, our community, the world. Cause us to take root downward and bear fruit upward (2 Kings 19:30). Make us survivors, who thrive in the zeal of the Lord. Keep the enemy out of “our city.” May his arrows not be shot in your domain. Cause us to raise our shields. Break down his siege mounds. Send the enemy on the run.

    Thanks for your determination and its rippling affect.
    Keep Blogging!!!!

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  2. Looking back on our lives, we can all say that God has blessed us, but when you say “God is determined to bless us”, that puts it in a present and future perspective. It spoke to me about how intentional God is, and what His intentions are. I was very touched in reading those words Sarah. Thanks. Hello to Jake.

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  3. Well done… well said. Pondering His determination in my life…. am reading Margaret Clarkson’s… Grace grows best in winter .
    Timely that He has determined me to suffer, to share in His Glory. Love you dearly, pi


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